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A comic podcast from Coast City Comics and the Fun Box Monster Emporium in Portland, Maine.

December 18, 2018

New Comics for December 19th 2018! Christmas Comes to Nerdberg.

What up! There's new Exiles, a new Aquaman arc starts, Teen Titans features the origin of Crush, Lobo's daughter. The fate of one of the Guardans of the Galaxy is revealed. (We don't spoil it...) A new Freedom Fighters book that is REALLY FUN! You know, that thing with a superhero version of Uncle Sam? Shuri has been turned into a tree, Iceman rides a razor scooter made of ice while eating a chili-dog, Hulk finally starts eating people again in the new Defenders book, Plus Marc Russell is filling in on Harley and it gets cerebral. 

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